Monday, December 3, 2012

 I'm still taking courses to become a professional Christian Counselor but as a child of God, counseling is a gift He has given me and Ive been doing it most of my life.  One of the main things that I have counseled people in is Alcoholism.

 People say they have been to treatment center after treatment center and always end up going right back. The Lord gives me a Word from Him to give them. He always breaks the chain of oppression if you ask Him and are willing to do the work.

 Something that He laid on my heart was 'as you wake up from your hangover,  remember that He was hungover a cross for you.'

 There is a great website that I like to refer people to
Its got some great information there.

 God is able to deliver us from it all, everything we have going on in our lives He will  bring us through if we only ask and submit to His Holy Will.

Stop listening to talk shows for advice, women stop letting men tell you anything for sex, men stop saying you're a pimp, player or baller and you can't even read or write. If I don't preach it who will?

Behind every strong woman there is a strong man and real love never fails and conquers all.
If you continue to live in sin, you might want to question your relationship with God, we all sin but the problem is when you do wrong constantly, have no regrets knowing it's not right.
Certain men need to grow up (man up) stop being a mommas boy. Women need to keep their legs closed thinking a baby is going to make him stay, end up with something you don't even know how to take care of, like my grandpa use to say, you don't believe fat meat greasy. Open a book, get a degree, better yet get saved today.
I never understood why some women find it ok to be labeled or called a bad bitch. I guess dignity and class left in the 60's. One things for sure though, there are no so called bad bitches in heaven, their referred to as virtuous women.